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Our three and a half year business experience with Lisa Massara was always excellent.  Lisa is trustworthy, she is a competent accounting professional in every way, very talented, thorough and prompt.   We found Lisa to take time with her clients and was down to earth; pleasant, helpful, and always in a professional way with a very pleasing personality.

George & Katie Zeller

Clearwater, FL

Lisa Massara worked on trust issues on my behalf while she was in a corporate setting.     When she announced her intention to leave, I asked Lisa if she would be willing to handle my account outside of the business setting where she had spent 26 years.   So her decision to continue working on trust issues in a new business arrangement was good news for me.   I had confidence in Lisa while at Miller Gesko, and continue to do so at her own company, Galaxie3, Inc.           



Galaxie3 has been instrumental in helping us form and implement our business and company, setting up our accounts, our payroll and our business plan financials, forecasts, our proforma and model.

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